Date: April 3rd, 2017

10 Employees: Sean, Shelby, Travis, Theresa, Rachel, Austin, Hayden, Summer, Anna-Leigh, Jason

(Video of Speech didn’t record again. I make a personal guarantee this will never happen again EVER.)


2nd Quarter of the year is here! So many sales. We need to grow and hire! United Monograms has risen as the leading brand in our company. We are selling embroidered AND digitally printed ‘Graphic Monograms’ to preppy & personalized girls in the south and across the country. Usually the 1st quarter is our slowest of the year, but this Q1 2017 had our production MAXED OUT. We just invested in another embroidery machine & DTG printer and may need to get more to handle our very busy summer season. Business is tough, but I am confident our team can push through this and keep growing.

The theme at our 3-month company meeting was that we all need to be PUSHING the company forward. Chatting & Relaxing around the office are not an option. We set a company goal of shipping out 25,300 packages in the 2nd quarter. If we get there, each employee will get a $400 bonus! We had a goal & bonus incentive in the first quarter for 16,300 packages. Unfortunately, we came up a little short. I expressed to our team that if we would have had 15 more packages a day, we would have hit the goal! I reminded everyone that a little extra effort would have done it. This isn’t a normal job where you clock in & wait for the time to pass, we are a small company growing against all odds! Also, this goal is a TEAM GOAL. From Shelby & Myself running the sales, to Austin, Travis, Anna-Leigh & Summer running the embroidery room, to Rachel & Haden running the DTG Room, to Theresa & Jason packing everything up- Everybody’s effort matters! It’s a chain and each person responsibilities flow over to the other departments.

I want all of our employees to remember not to take this for granted. It’s a miracle that our company is growing- 90% of companies in America have failed after 5 years, but not us! #StayInspiredPeople #WorkHard


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