Date: July 6th 2020

Team: Sean, Shelby, Rachel, Chad, Kristen, Sydney, Anna-Leigh, Jazz, Lindsey, Wanda, Bessie, Rachel T, Brandon, Arie

We just had our Q3 Company Meeting and it was great to have the team together! We didn’t have a meeting last quarter because of the virus, so we were definitely due to get together and get the team on the same page.

We discussed many important things after taking our traditional team selfie (everyone was smiling under their masks!) It’s always so great to get the team together, especially when we have new team members. We looked back at the beginning of the year where we discussed growing the business into 2020, and we’re happy to say that our revenue is up 41% compared to the  first half of 2019! We also discussed hiring an operations manager that we now have on board.

Our main goal is for Chad Sponseller,  the Operations Manager, to be able to run the show. This entails handling the many details involved in getting all of our orders out the door to our customers with the best quality, and in the quickest time possible. We have made some progress towards this but still have a way to go. We’re excited about getting to this point in Q3. Once this is accomplished we can start building a serious powerhouse sales division.

As always, we appreciate the hard work of our employees, and let them know the company would be nothing without them. If everyone can care about the company, it will make all the difference in continuing making our company special. We need people to step up and become leaders in the company!

We went over the importance of being able to change quickly, and how that’s a huge advantage we can have as a smaller company (for now!). We’re ready for big things to happen in 2020 & Beyond!