Date: October 3rd, 2016

8 Employees: Sean, Shelby, Candis, Paige, Travis, Theresa, Paula, Jessica


“In a small company each person is so valuable and has a direct impact on the business. At Wal-Mart or Harris Teeter you are replaceable, but here you have a big effect on  our success, and I think that’s really cool.” – Sean Lowery

I don’t want to micro manage. I can and I will, but I don’t want to” -Sean Lowery

“If you guys have the company’s best interest in mind, that can turn this from a good company to a great company” – Sean Lowery”

“I think what we’re doing is really cool, and if you don’t…don’t tell me. Tell me you think it’s cool” -Sean Lowery4th Quarter Report- United Tees Inc- Sean Lowery