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3rd Quarter 2020

Date: July 6th 2020

Team: Sean, Shelby, Rachel, Chad, Kristen, Sydney, Anna-Leigh, Bobby, Jazz, Lindsey, Wanda, Bessie, Rachel T, Brandon, Arie

Brittany Reynolds

Brittany is an Embroidery Production Associate who is a vital member of the department & entire company!🧵

Kristen Brown

Kristen started as a United Monograms Model! She now is Lead Customer Service and an important member of the company!

1st Quarter- January 2020

Employees: Sean, Shelby, Kassie, Kristen, Rachel, Brittany, Sydney, Rob, Anna-Leigh (with daughter Wren), Laura, Bobby, Brandon!

4th Quarter- October 2019

People: Sean, Shelby, Rachel, Holly, Rob, Bobby, Sydney, Kristen, Anna-Leigh (Not Pictured)

Q4 2019 Selfie! October 7th, 2019
Team Shirts for Lowery Brands Employees

United Monograms reaches 100K Instagram Followers!

3rd Quarter- July 2019

Employees: Sean, Shelby, Rachel, Holly, Anna-Leigh, Rob, Bobby, Sydney, Candace

Q3 Team Meeting- Going to be a great 2nd half of 2019!
Lowery Brands Team Ready for Big Things!

2nd Quarter- April 2019

1st Quarter- January 2019

Employees: Sean, Shelby, Rachel,  Holly, Anna-Leigh, Rob, Bobby

4th Quarter- October 2018

7 Employees: Sean, Shelby, Rachel, Holly, Anna-Leigh, Ben, Rob ( 1st Day!)

Meeting held on October 1st, 2018 at 12:15 pm at Lowery Brands Headquarters at 447 Fleming Rd in Charleston, South Carolina

Lowery Brands 4th Quarter Meeting 2018

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