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3rd Quarter 2021

Team: Sean, Shelby, Rachel, Kevin E, Anna-Leigh, Sadia, Loni, Wanda, Caitlyn, Rebekah, Stephanie, Kevin B, Allie, Jacob, Ciara, Kyra, Pat

Lowery Brands Q3 2021 Meeting
Company Selfie! It’s a 5 year tradition every quarter
Messages from our amazing customers… the GEMS💎
Made the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America for the 2nd year in a row!
Excited to see where we are compared to last year.
Best Customers on the Planet!

2nd Quarter 2021

Employees: Sean Lowery, Shelby Lowery, Rachel Doblin, Kevin Erdmann, Jessica Short, Anna-Leigh McClelland, Allie Miske, Brandon Coley, Caitlyn McClelland, Jass Gallashaw, Wanda Crawford, Ciara Sumter, Kevin Bingham, Sadia Matthews, Jacob Martin

Lowery Brands Q2 2021 Company Meeting! First Meeting at New Building.
We’re more than ready for a new chapter in company history!

New people, New Building! This was the FIRST time the team was together to see the new building. We did a tour showing everyone all corners of the 22,000 square foot warehouse. This is the week before we officially move in the entire company! We discussed everybody being ready for changing systems & a new chapter in company history. Operation Manager Kevin Erdmann, who has been doing an incredible job leading the team, got up to speak about the important of attendance going forward. Everybody asked a question or made a comment. The questions ranged from paid time off to where Sean would take the team on a company retreat. He said Mt. Everest for a team building activity. The company is so lucky to have incredible people working hard for a bright future.

Team Gear! Hats & Embroidered shirts for everyone
Shelby Cleaning the bathroom before the quarterly meeting!
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