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4th Quarter- October 2017

Date: October 4th, 2017

10 Employees: Sean, Shelby, Kevin,  Rachel, Mark, Austin, Anna-Leigh, Jeff, Chris (CT), Pavan


“Our Business Model has changed in 2017…the things on the shelf could be sold as products that haven’t even been invented yet”

3rd Quarter- July 2017

Date: July 7th, 2017

11 Employees: Sean, Shelby, Austin, Rachel, Jason, Kevin, Hayden, Summer, Anna-Leigh, Mark, Travis


“Average Age of Employees- Only 28 Years Old!” -Sean

“Everything in this Building is the Operations Division- All of you guys are Operations Divisions Employees” – Sean

“Circle of Shirts (Not a science or anything)…All of you guys working at 100% ACTUALLY does influence the Sales.” – Kevin Erdmann

“It’s NOT my goal to hire people and so I can sit on my butt and do nothing. I will NEVER stop working.” – Sean Lowery

“I want the People in this Company to have a Open & Ready & Welcoming Mindset to Change!” -Sean

2nd Quarter- April 2017

Date: April 3rd, 2017

10 Employees: Sean, Shelby, Travis, Theresa, Rachel, Austin, Hayden, Summer, Anna-Leigh, Jason

(Video of Speech didn’t record again. I make a personal guarantee this will never happen again EVER.)


2nd Quarter of the year is here! So many sales. We need to grow and hire! United Monograms has risen as the leading brand in our company. We are selling embroidered AND digitally printed ‘Graphic Monograms’ to preppy & personalized girls in the south and across the country. Usually the 1st quarter is our slowest of the year, but this Q1 2017 had our production MAXED OUT. We just invested in another embroidery machine & DTG printer and may need to get more to handle our very busy summer season. Business is tough, but I am confident our team can push through this and keep growing.

The theme at our 3-month company meeting was that we all need to be PUSHING the company forward. Chatting & Relaxing around the office are not an option. We set a company goal of shipping out 25,300 packages in the 2nd quarter. If we get there, each employee will get a $400 bonus! We had a goal & bonus incentive in the first quarter for 16,300 packages. Unfortunately, we came up a little short. I expressed to our team that if we would have had 15 more packages a day, we would have hit the goal! I reminded everyone that a little extra effort would have done it. This isn’t a normal job where you clock in & wait for the time to pass, we are a small company growing against all odds! Also, this goal is a TEAM GOAL. From Shelby & Myself running the sales, to Austin, Travis, Anna-Leigh & Summer running the embroidery room, to Rachel & Haden running the DTG Room, to Theresa & Jason packing everything up- Everybody’s effort matters! It’s a chain and each person responsibilities flow over to the other departments.

I want all of our employees to remember not to take this for granted. It’s a miracle that our company is growing- 90% of companies in America have failed after 5 years, but not us! #StayInspiredPeople #WorkHard


United Tees Company SelfieUnited Inc Employees Charleston, SC

1st Quarter- January 2018

Date: January 10th, 2017 (Delayed because of SNOW!)

11 Employees: Sean, Shelby, Kevin, Rachel, Mark, Austin, Holly, Anna-Leigh, Jeff, Richard, Ben

“We set every company record in those final days including a 3 day stretch- December 16th, 17th, 18th- where we averaged over 1,001 packages per day- 1,001 and ONE to be exact.
That’s A lot.” – Sean

Ya know, I never thought I would be selling girls clothing when I first started this whole thing.” – Sean

“Marley Lilly- The size of their company alone makes me confident there is plenty of room for growth with the United Monograms brand alone- especially when their customers start shopping with us! Ya know, Switching their loyalty- because we’re better…” -Sean

Mark Lagoa, Kevin Erdmann, Rachel Doblin, Benjamin English, Richard MacMillian- Charleston CompanyThe United Monograms Facebook page is coming up on 250K likes, Instagram has another 50K, We recently went over 80K subscribers on our email list, and our Holiday Video had over half a million views in less than a month! I think this is a Big Deal. Then, After ‘United Monograms’ becomes #1 in this industry, we can still keep growing ‘Lowery Brands’ as a company with our other brands and entirely new audiences. As long as humans keep wearing clothes, I’m thinking our business will have new markets to attack.” -Sean

“When people ask you where you work I want you to proudly say… I work at Lowery Brands! It’s a new ecommerce company who grew to over 2 million dollars in sales in just its first few years- I’m one of first 10 employees- check out my about me page on!” – Sean

So, YES! Overall, I am very excited about what we have accomplished, and I am even more excited for another amazing year of business success in 2018. I want to double our sales again to 5 Million! And I look forward to doing it with you guys- let’s make this a special year!”

4th Quarter Meeting- October 2016

Date: October 3rd, 2016

8 Employees: Sean, Shelby, Candis, Paige, Travis, Theresa, Paula, Jessica


“In a small company each person is so valuable and has a direct impact on the business. At Wal-Mart or Harris Teeter you are replaceable, but here you have a big effect on  our success, and I think that’s really cool.” – Sean Lowery

I don’t want to micro manage. I can and I will, but I don’t want to” -Sean Lowery

“If you guys have the company’s best interest in mind, that can turn this from a good company to a great company” – Sean Lowery”

“I think what we’re doing is really cool, and if you don’t…don’t tell me. Tell me you think it’s cool” -Sean Lowery4th Quarter Report- United Tees Inc- Sean Lowery

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