At the End of last week we launched a brand new product that has gone VIRAL. In the first weekend it was available, this brand new product received over 10,000 facebook likes, over 13,000 instagram likes & over 2,000 comments. We sold 700 at full price and sales continuing to roll in. Here’s a look at the posts:

Double Tap if you Love Monograms, Coffee & Lipstick☕️☕️💋☕️

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Since we’ve had direct to garment (DTG) printing, it’s been used for the United Tees side of the business. Our Monogramming products were all exclusively done with vinyl and embroidery like always. As an experiment, we started selling a big print monogram on the front of a shirts with different designs on the inside of the letters. This can only be done using our DTG printers, expensive pieces of equipment our monogramming competition doesn’t have access to. We are proud to have one of the best followings of monogram loving girls, but embroidered sweatshirts, hats, bags & jewelry are competitive products sold by all monogram companies. You can see why I am excited about the prospect of this new style of personalized apparel.

In the spirit of Fall, we came up with the idea to put a  monogram on a coffee cup inside of a cool design. This is where our ‘Coffee & Lipstick’ design was created. The product is unique and our customers (and competitors) have never seen anything like it. Just remember we were the first to market! United Monograms will always be in the business of personalized monogram products, a trend that has been around for decades. Now, with the viral success of our new ‘Coffee & Lipstick’ long sleeve tee over the weekend, we may have just started to uncover the future of Monogramming. Stay Tuned!

Sean Lowery